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About Opus Infinity

Opus Infinity is a non-budget, non-profit enterprise by computer scientist Robbert Harms, sociologist and music connoisseur Hein Moors, and pianist and piano pedagogue Suus van Petegem.

Future research will first focus on adding additional dice games to the project. In this we can benefit from the cooperation with and the generous scientific support by Christoph Reuter, Professor in Systematic Musicology at Vienna University, Austria, and a leading expert in this field.

Our main interest are the rules and regularities embodied in the harmonic structure of music, mainly of the eighteenth century. Studying the characteristics of the 18th century dice games is our first project. We hope to contribute to discovering the extent to which music is governed by mathematical ideas and to define the tools to generate other musical styles as well.

We cordially invite you to communicate your comments and suggestions to Robbert Harms.


We would like to thank Joop Hoekstra, a professional English/Dutch translator, for proofreading the texts on this website and helping us with our English where needed.